Interview No. 3: Mirren Gordon-Crozier, costume designer

Breakfast Club next stop: Mirren Gordon-Crozier.  Mirren was one of the first friends I made when moving to Venice in 2008. We met at the Otheroom, back when the Otheroom was one of the best bars to drink copiously and before Abbot Kinney jumped the shark.  I immediately formed a huge girl crush on her, and we’ve remained good friends since that first chance meeting (despite her moving to Brooklyn a few years ago). 

Mirren is a wildly talented costume designer, having worked on such films as I’ll See You in My Dreams, critically acclaimed Short Term 12, and most recently The Glass Castle (which I’m particularly excited to see as a huge Brie Larson fan).  In fact, she’s quite a workaholic, with over 10 films to her credit in the last three years, as well as commercials, music videos, webs series, etc.

A few fun facts.  Despite growing up in London, Mirren has no trace of an accent, except when she’s had a few.  She has a wicked sense of humor, especially when it comes to strangers’ bizarrely amazing fashion choices (evidenced by her Instagram account).  You can win her heart with Moroccan food; it’s our ritual to meet for breakfast at Cafe Gitane each time I visit New York.

And here’s her interview:

Mirren Gordon-Crozier1. How many hours of sleep is ideal for you?  When do you typically wake up?
As many as possible, probably 8 or 9 hours.

2. What's the first thing you do, right after waking up?
I am usually late so I jump in the shower, get dressed and run out the door to the first coffee shop I can see!

3. Do you have a memory of waking up to watch the sun rise?  Where were you?
I was talking about watching the sun rise the other day and how I wish I could be a morning person and do that sort of thing. I think the last time I saw the sun rise was when I hadn't gone to bed yet!

4. Any traditions you remember from growing up, focused around the morning or breakfast?
My father Bob always took me to school no matter what and his parting words to me and my sister were always, “you're the best, don't forget it." I try and keep that mantra going now. (laughs)

5. Do you have a morning ritual?  If so, please explain.
I'm not a very ritualistic person, so I would have the say my only consistent is always having coffee. I absolutely cannot live without it .

6. What is your favorite breakfast meal?  {Please share recipe, if possible!}
Avocado toast!  I do love some avocado toast.
Sourdough bread toasted and brushed with olive oil in the oven
Avocados with lemon, salt, pepper, chili flakes
Boil an egg, slice it thinly, and put on top!

7. If you could have a conversation with anyone over breakfast, who would it be? What would you ask them?
I would have breakfast John Waters, I think it would be a good start to the day. He's funny, smart and twisted.  I would ask him "what is your obsession with the grotesque, where do all your perverse creations come from?"

8. If you could be transported anywhere in the world tomorrow morning, where would you most love to wake up?
Probably the best place I have ever woken up is in Ubud in Bali on the rice fields.

9. What's your morning soundtrack?
Reggae all the way.