Interview No. 4: Peter Zellner, architect

Next up on our Breakfast Club Series (i.e. Proust-meets-wake-up-call) is Peter Zellner.  I first became acquainted with Peter shortly after he designed the Matthew Marks Gallery (West Hollywood) in 2012.  It’s unyielding simplicity struck me as bold, with a visually calming composition of simple shapes.  Peter also happens to be a really nice guy, and a fellow Venice-turned-Mar-Vista resident. 

It’s worth noting that Peter is well-regarded by the art community in Los Angeles.  In addition to Matthew Marks Gallery, he’s also designed Night Gallery, LAXART and Susanne Vielmetter.  All while serving as a professor at SCI-Arc and now USC School of Architecture.  And just earlier this month, he announced plans to open the Free School of Architecture (FSA) in 2017, whereby students will “explore the edges of architectural education.”

And without further ado, here's how he spends his mornings:

Peter Zellner1. How many hours of sleep is ideal for you?  When do you typically wake up?
Six to eight hours.  Wake ranges from 6:45 to 9am.

2. What's the first thing you do, right after waking up?
Check my email, then read the Guardian, New York Times and/or Los Angeles Times 

3. Do you have a memory of watching the sun rise?  Where were you?
Yes, sunrise over the eastern seaboard in Australia while surfing.

4. Any traditions you remember from growing up, focused around the morning or breakfast?
My Dad always made a big breakfast on the weekends.

5. Do you have a morning ritual?  If so, please explain.
I make coffee then try to draw or paint for an hour.

6. What is your favorite breakfast meal?  {Please share recipe, if possible!}
I love a traditional Japanese breakfast: steamed ricemiso soup, grilled fish, rolled egg omelette (tamagoyaki).

7. If you could have a conversation with anyone over breakfast, who would it be? What would you talk about?
I'd like to have breakfast with Pancho Villa and ask him his thoughts on Donald Trump's wall and what he'd say or do to Trump.

8. If you could be transported anywhere in the world tomorrow morning, where would you most love to wake up?

9. What's your morning soundtrack? 
I like NPR.